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Return from a long absence

I have now finished my classes for this school year. I figure this to be the perfect time to return to writing in my LJ.
I have started what appears to be a great two months for me. A slew of exciting local theatre productions have begun. I have been eagerly waiting for Neil Labute's The Shape of Things to open since September. Oddly, as opening night approached, my excitement dwindled. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the movie and reading the play; I have have come to realise that seeing a bad production of it might dent my love for the play. I guess I simply do not have confidence in Meg Roe's ability to portray Evelyn. Does anyone who reads these entries know who Meg Roe is? I am often curious as to who reads my entries. I know a fair bit about the people in my friends list, but nothing about anyone else who might end up on my page. I am quite involved in activities that go on in Calgary. However, I hesitate to discuss these events in this forum because I doubt they have any importance to non-Calgarians. If people are making their first visit to this page, I encourage them to leave a comment with at least some brief details to indicate who I am writing for.
John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men opened yesterday. A co-worker of mine plays Curley's wife. Is it odd that I am excited to see her die? Also opening this week is Citizen Pochsy. It was written by and stars the positively delightful Karen Hines. I have heard wonderful things about it. She tours quite a bit with her shows. I am not sure exactly where she is planning to go, but I strongly encourage you to see it if you get the chance.
Hawksley Workman has returned to Canada. The first show of his current tour was here at the University. It was an amazing show. I am hoping to make the hour and a half trip to Banff to see him again this Sunday.
The film Bubba Ho-Tep returned to the Uptown theatre on Easter Weekend and is likely to stay a few more weeks. Of all the movies I have been promoting over the lst few months, I think this is my favourite. I found this to really help me. It is so much easier to promote a film I actually enjoy. I am fairly confident in saying this is the best film to be partially filmed in Nagcodoches, TX.
This being my first year at University, I have yet to find out why we celebrate the last day of classes with the smell of vomit all around. When I arrived for class at 10 a.m., the washrooms were already full of the excessively drunk.
Now is the time for me to start my film essay. I shall try to write more often for those of you who are interested.

Au revoir Grasshoppers
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