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Subject? Toughest question I've faced in weeks.

The wait is over. You are the Quarry came out yesterday and I picked it up early in the day. Since I also had a $750 paycheque go through last week and another $200 coming in about a week, I figured I could afford to pick up some other stuff too. I got four Death Cab For Cutie albums, Good News for People Who Love Bad News by Modest Mouse and of course, You are the Quarry CD & DVD. Surprisingly, the one I've listened to least is You are the Quarry. Good News for People Who Love Bad News is a solid album. Modest Mouse has reached a new level with this album. Until this point, Modest Mouse was a very good band with a very respectably sized fan base. Somehow they surpassed themselves with GNFPWLBN. This album makes me question the new policy we have at the video store. We can no longer play any movies that aren't rated G. So, we can't play a film like In America. We have been able to play GNFPWLBN. Not able to play a beautiful oscar-nominated film, but we can play an album including the lyrics "And we're done, done, done with all the fuck, fuck, fuckin' around."? Seems odd. I won't complain, I want to make sure we can still listen to music. Even worse, since the end of the first round of the NHL playoffs, we haven't been allowed to play the games on any TVs or radios in store. The District Manager even comes by to check. This whole town is hockey-crazy right now. We are located near to a bar. Everytime the Flames score, people run through our store with flags. How can a company that claims to be proudly Canadian be opposed to hockey. The Flames are in the League finals and we can't even have a radio on to know what the score is! Speaking of people too uptight about hockey, their was an article in the paper today about the negative effects of Calgary having playoff fever. This article claims that excessive drinking leads to women flashing their breasts. So, playoff hockey is bad for feminism. Is Naomi Wolf now ghostwriting for major Canadian news publication? It is the most ridiculous article I've read since I last saw something in favour of George W. Bush.
I also got about $300 worth of DVDs. I managed to get a good deal on both the entire series of Freak and Geeks and both seasons of the Office. It's a shame not many people saw Freaks and Geeks. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed show. I was also surprised to find out MusicWorld, a store which I think of as typically overpricing merchandise, was selling the set for $30 less where I work at. Another surprise was seeing the special edition collection of the Sleepaway Camp movies. I quite enjoyed these films, but this set seems overfancy. I am curious as to how serious the commentary tracks are. Does Robert Hiltzik explain how he got the idea for a transgender summer camp serial killer? That would be nuttaz!
I had best get back to re-writing the Imfri script. Good Day to Y'all.
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